What's inside: some extracts from the book:

From Chapter 5: Geos

Laura hesitated for a second, then stood up. As she did so, she realised he really was tall - some inches over 6ft.  And now that he was closer to the light from the ceiling she also noticed that the skin of his face and hands had a faint amber glow, as if they were slightly reflective. But that might have been a trick of the light. His face, still half in shadow, was thin, almost delicate, with very large, dark eyes above a thin nose and a wide mouth.



From Chapter 16: Amisha

Amisha moved over to the closet, pulling out some of the clothes. There were dresses, jeans, shirts and tees, several pairs of shoes. She could tell without looking but checked the labels all the same: they were ones she often chose - and every colour and style were spot on.

I’ll say this, she said to herself,  for an Alien he certainly knows how to shop.

From Chapter 25: Weightless

She waited until he was in place, then orientated her body in his direction. Despite his warning, a spirit of mischief took hold of her and she pushed off using even more force than before.

This time she rocketed over the space, instantly regretting her stupidity and shrieking as the wall grew rapidly closer some way from where Geos was waiting. He didn’t move.

He’s going to let me crash, she thought, bringing up her arms to protect her head. Serve me right.

But at the last possible moment, he kicked off with both legs, quickly closing the distance. He caught her from the side, his greater momentum spinning her round. Reflexively, she threw her arms tightly round him and they corkscrewed across the chamber, their bodies entwined, his face just inches from hers. Again, she felt the static passing between them and, looking directly into his eyes, she saw those tiny flecks of green and red whirling deep within the irises.

From Chapter 59: Night Games

“There is nothing to fear,” said Beon “this deeper connection, this combining, can only last for as long as we touch. You remain you, I remain myself, but for these moments we can cross the barrier between us, between male and female and become…both.”

From Chapter 63: Dinner Date

She moved towards his inner self and was drawn gently into the helix, the strands of her being twining with his. She now felt the truth of his words at first hand in a way that couldn’t be disguised or faked. She also became aware of a strength so enormous that she might have been terrified but for the waves of reassurance that wrapped around her. And there it was as she’d experienced it before, that maleness: such an unusual perspective, such different priorities. Such simple needs!

© Adriana Nicolas 2015